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Naturopathy in NZ and in IT - Science-based Nutrition, Herbal Medicine and Massages

Bush location

In the bush

Puravita Health Studio

The health studio from where we practice Naturopathy and Massages is located in Matapouri, Northland, New Zealand, precisely at 1 km South of the beach-side village of Matapouri and 5 km North of Tutukaka. It is situated at the end of a valley, which is the river Parangara'ahu estuary. Surrounded by tea-trees and raupo, visited only by birds and the occasional horse, it is a quiet and relaxing space to help you find peace and wellbeing in unison with Nature.

Parangara'ahu bird sanctuary and the Dome






















Matapouri New Zealand

Our home is in Matapouri, on the Tutukaka Coast, 3 hours north of Auckland.

The Dome is our place, on a piece of land called Parangara'ahu, from the name of the creek flowing inside it. It is a self-sustained home alimented by solar panels and fed by rain water.

The Dome is on top of a hill overlooking the ocean and surrounded by virgin forest where kauri, totara, tea trees and ferns abound and flourish undisturbed.

The kiwi can freely move in this land, protected from invasive species (stoats, possums, rats to name a few) by a long-dated project of predator control.

Kiwis get regularly released and monitored in this piece of tranquil forest.


Kiwis are heard and seen on this sanctuary dedicated to them.


Recently this property has been enhanced by the acquisition of an ex-forestry lot which Silvia is now restoring to native forest. If you want to participate to this ecological effort, check the site..


Directions on how to get to the studio:

Driving North towards Matapouri, just at the beginning of the flats after the descent from Tutukaka windy road, and 1 km before arriving at the village of Matapouri itself, you will find an intersection on the main Matapouri rd: Right to Langman lane and Left to Pullman lane. Take the left turn and drive on the main Pullman lane road bordering a pasture-marshy area for about 400 m. You will find a gate with Kiwi protection sign and a blue sign indicating Puravita. Enter through the gate and drive for about 200 m until you find a road going uphill to the left. Drive up and park in front of the cabin.



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Healing yoga with Robyn in Tutukaka:


Shadow Yoga in Whangarei:       



Body Balance in Tutukaka: Core Space (FB)




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New Zealand Kiwi Foundation


Land Care                          


Tutukaka Land Care Coalition




Silvia Pinca,      PhD.Sc., AdvDipHS (Nat.,HerbMed.,NutMed.), CertIV (Mass.Ther.)

Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy - Nutritionist, Herbalist - Massage Practitioner Yoga Thai & Lomilomi

PhD Marine Environmental Sciences

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