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Naturopathy in NZ and in IT - Science-based Nutrition, Herbal Medicine and Massages

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From marine ecology to human ecology
Traditional therapeutic Yoga Thai massage

I'm Silvia and I have an Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy from  Australia (=Naturopathy, Nutritional Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Massage). I love to help people through nutrition, herbal medicine and touch using evidence-based up-to date research in medicine, biochemistry, nutrition as well as traditional wisdom and ancient knowledge of human health.


I have started on this path in 2009, after leaving my profession as a Marine Ecologist that took me through research expeditions all around the world to diverse places like France, California, Antarctica, Hawaii, the Marshall Islands, New Caledonia, the Cook Islands, Tonga, Micronesia etc.


A new call pulled me into a direction where I could have a more direct impact on people. I traveled to study traditional massages in Hawai'i, at Kalani (in Big Island) and at Ho'omana (in Maui), and in Thailand, at Sunshine School in Chiang mai, where I obtained my massage certificates.

I went back to study for four years and immersed myself in the discovery of the human body-mind inside out, of its capacity to find balance and health as well of its unused strengths.

As to my philosophy of health humans in healthy environment, I am dedicated to nature conservation and recently started a reforestation, CO2 sequestration and education project on our land. If you want purchase or dedicate trees, check my work and my site.

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